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What do electricians do?

Electricians are versatile professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to handle various jobs relating to electricity. St Louis electrician can work on residential and commercial projects, carrying out tasks such as installing new electrical wiring or repairing existing systems. Here are some of the tasks an electrician might perform:

  • Lighting design:

Electricians can work with architects or lighting designers to make sure a building's electric system supports the way it looks. It might involve working on the electrical supply, controls, and fixtures. St Louis electrical contractor will ensure that all elements of a building's lighting design get implemented safely and effectively.

  • Security system:

Electricians can install, replace and repair security systems for both commercial properties and homes. They'll need to do a site survey before working on any part of the electrical system. They might also need to rewire some existing equipment to make it compatible with the new security system.

  • Restorative Electrical Services:

Restorative electrical services can involve anything from rewiring a building's entire system to installing lighting in an office. A contractor looking for beneficial services might also need electricians to make sure flashing and insulation in the building are up to code and protect it against damage from storms and other environmental factors.

  • Generators:

When there's a power outage, electricians can install and service generators. These machines use fuel to generate electricity, so their use might restrict some jobs. For example, many homeowners don't want the fumes associated with diesel pull generators in their houses while they're trying to relax indoors. Electricians on these projects might need to do custom modifications to make the generators operational.

St Louis Electricians

  • Solar:

Electrician in St Louis MO specializes in solar panel installations. They know the electrical system well to place the panels and inverters in a good location. Electricians have many years of experience installing conduits, switches, and other wiring required by a solar installation.

  • Thermal Imaging:

Electricians can use their expertise with thermal imaging to identify problems within a property's wiring system. They might be able to tell where the hotspots are and perform repairs or modifications that will reduce heat in certain building areas. 

  • EV Charging Stations:

Electricians can install and service EV charging stations. They're knowledgeable in working with the electrical requirements of these types of systems, including outlets and panels. Electricians St Louis MO might also call to provide advice or a consultation for a building owner who wants to add an EV charging station in their parking lot. 


With the help of st Louis electricians, you can always stay up-to-date with safety standards and make sure your property is in order. We commit to provide the best service for all customers who need it. If you have any questions about how we work or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us. 

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